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Just as her gypsy ancestors did a thousand years ago, Sayari Sapera left her desert village on a journey that took her around the world. She was born on the road near the small desert village of Samrau in the epic land of Rajasthan. A gifted personality with a strong drive, Sayari first started to give singing performances at the age of 10, and later she learned to dance. She worked her way up the ladder, winning recognition and high profile bookings which culminated in a world tour that lasted twelve years. From Paris to Tokyo and New York to Stockholm she did her schooling the gypsy way, through experiences and encounters on the road. Enriched with first hand knowledge, she wanted to share it with others and help them to follow in her footsteps.

With her husband Sheranath and long time friend Philippe Tapp she started a family company and school of performers bearing her name - Sayari Roots of Gypsy - based in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Combining Sayari Sapera experience with Canadian Philippe Tapp eclectic background as financial analyst, painter, opera singer and circus performer, Sayari and Philippe created their own style of truly original shows. Fusing tradition with modernity, balancing each otherís personalities, through years of devotion and hard labor, they refined the performances. This was done through daily studio practice and regular bookings in various Udaipur luxurious hotels and events, enabling the performers to hone their craft in front of an audience.

They have succeeded in offering their students an opportunity to five the best of themselves in time stopping shows, while earning respect and recognition from all. Being one of the very few companies with a gypsy woman at their head can be challenging, even in todayís India, but her success has contributed in changing peopleís perceptions. Both Sayari the woman and Sayari the company have elevated themselves above their born status while contributing to the enrichment of local Rajasthani culture. They are now planning to expand the school, enabling more people, mostly villagers, to transform themselves through the learning process.

There is a lot to be gained by bringing deep rooted village values into the void of the modern cities. Both worlds can benefit from this cultural bridge, giving greater meaning to our lives.